Dov Serrot Productions or DSP is the premiere destination for event production.  Specializing in everything from private events, boutique launches or red carpet events, to fashion events and multi stage music festivals and concerts.  DSP handles everything from the the venue to the vendors.  

Destenee Mckenzie and Noemi Torres are the founders and creative forces behind DSP.  Founded in 2013, DSP was created to produce Dov Fest, a music festival that originated in Los Angeles.   Since then DSP has hosted many successful events throughout Southern California.   

DSP consults on label and brand development.   As a brand consultant, DSP understands that the opportunity for greatness lies in bringing awareness on a global scale.   Capturing the viewer attention by providing a great experience motivates a first purchase and develops a repeat costumer excited enough to tell their friends and family.  That is the best advertising and it is the process that has enable DSP to  to craft and launch great experiences for live audiences.

DSP success has attracted the attention of TV Broadcasting Networks and is now developing and producing Television programming to keep audiences from around the globe glued to their screens and entertained for hours.   Learn more about DSP at www.dovserrotproductions.com or contact us to discover how we can drive results for your brand.